onsdag den 26. oktober 2016

As an 8+ y avatar specialized in artistic performances, including  various different, swinging and rotating trapezes, burning high wire, firedancing on walking elephants, supreme acrobatic animation from the best animators in the world, unicycle acts and amazing  particle, pyro fire effects, all spiced with  live music, either by live musicians or djs, done in nano seconds, instantly live as people watch, both as fundraising as well as money making events, or as entertainment  in association to various american and european cultural events within SL but with a thread to reality, i can confirm  that our  virtuality action is as real as reality. 
Not only is the creation of  my creativity an expansion of my autodidactic potentiality as a creature , it is also an extension of my conscious knowledge of what is possible within an imaginary mind without any limitation.
Often something  which is possible in SL, will and can virtuality be turned into reality in real life. Designing constructions, buildings, new ideas, illusions, fantasy or scifi worlds, stimulate the soul and personality in ways quite impossible in real life and with various modifications, adjustments or other changes such concepts can be implemented into reality. Art, culture, designs and entertainment has and will be a main influence in society, but the  initiators need a ground base, a foundation in which to work and SL provide  such an opportunity.

With Light, Life & Love will we change ourselves and the world.

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